The Shipyard

The Shipyard is Gunship Revolution's mandate for developing an incoming generation of professional artists for the demands of the modern industry. Forever adapting to the diverse needs of a wide audience, the Shipyard nonetheless stands firm in its mission of inspiring, instructing, and equipping new talent for the challenges and opportunities ahead. NOTE: The Shipyard’s flagship projects are currently docked for 2016.


Creation Live

Creation Live is Gunship Revolution's signature brand of art workshops. These cover a wide range of topics that run the full gamut of illustration, digital painting and comic creation processes.

By The Numbers:

Locations: Makati City, Taguig, Novi Sad, Pasay City

Run:  3/10/2012 – 9/26/2015



Total Number of Sessions


Total Running Time in Hours


Total Number of Attendees


Project Ark

A more "close-quarters" environment for learning art, these reservation-only sessions involve sitting down with Gunship Revolution's Senior Art Directors for intense one-on-one discussions that include critique, advice, and assigned exercises for the following Project Ark sessions.


Location: Makati City

Run: 5/16/15 – 5/24/16


Total Number of Sessions


Total Running Time in Hours


Total Number of Attendees


The Last Draw

The Last Draw was a National Manga-Style Art Competition run by Gunship Revolution in partnership with Komikon and Soda Pop Miniatures. Meant to explore themes of Justice and Conflict, the contest was also a celebration of the Manga style's place in the hearts of young Filipino artists.


Location: Philippines

Total Entries: 71

Run: 9/14/15 –10/24/15

Prizes: $500 + Soda Pop Merchandise (1st place), $300 + Soda Pop Merchandise (2nd place), $200 + Soda Pop Merchandise (3rd place)



Behind the Art

While Gunship Revolution's social media presence tends towards showing the latest art to showcase, we also provide regular posts on the process behind the projects, detailing simplified instructions step-by-step. For video tutorials, you can visit this site for tutorials by Gunship Revolution's Ireland Correspondent David Richardson.


Sketch Tips

Perhaps not overtly educational per se but we believe that our tradition of leaving sketches in dining places we hold corporate meals in does add a bit more art in people's everyday lives - something Gunship Revolution can always stand by.


Location: Metro Manila

Total Number of restaurants: 33

Artists: 8