That artists themselves can define the terms of the industry - this was the founding principle that brought creative professionals from various professional and creative backgrounds together to for Gunship Revolution. Founded as a coordinated community of freelancers 2011, Gunship Revolution has spared no time adapting its principles to the demands of the modern industry and establishing itself among the Philippines’ leading commercial art providers.


Based in Manila, Gunship Revolution directs regional offices in Portsmouth, Leipzig, Novi Sad, and Shanghai. This broad scope of diverse cultural and professional backgrounds has been significant in building its international client base with projects coming from the United States, Canada, Hungary, France, Jordan, South Korea, Japan, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, Germany, Poland, Israel, and Australia.

The Roster

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The diversity of professional and cultural backgrounds of Gunship Revolution's artists allows the company to offer services in a wide variety of fields.



It has been our honor working alongside the following companies.

“I contracted Emmanuel and his Revolutionaries on numerous occasions during my tenure as Producer at Volta. Not only did GR deliver excellent concept art for my key projects, the outstanding communication and unwavering desire to deliver beyond the call of duty became the norm. I am fully confident in GR`s ability to deliver a myriad of art styles and to do so with the highest level of quality and consistency. “
— Stephen Leong, Producer, Volta
“The Gunship team has been a pleasure to work with. They have a quick turnaround time while maintaining the high quality that we expect. The team covers a range of art styles which is very helpful. We hope to continue working with them.”
— Saad Zaeem, Co-Founder & CEO, Caramel Tech Studios (Pvt.) Ltd.
“Gunship Revolution makes great art and are a pleasure to work with! They’ve really helped SolForge look incredible and I’ll surely be working with them more on future projects. 10/10 would recommend.”
— John Fiorillo, Solforge, Stone Blade Entertainment
“The team at Gunship has been an instrumental tool in supporting our creative projects. Each member of this growing group has a complimentary set of skills and talents that lend to both fast and timely management of projects, and excellent concepts and finished work. Soda Pop Miniatures, and Ninja Division used Gunship almost exclusively in our work on Robotech (R) RPG Tactics (TM), they demonstrated technical proficiency and careful attention to this masterful license and incredible fidelity through a sensitive approval process. We love Gunship Revolution!”
— John Cadice, Creative Director, Soda Pop Miniatures, Ninja Division

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