Gunship Revolution is one of South East Asia's most prolific and trusted digital arts providers, established to nimbly meet the challenges and opportunities of a swiftly evolving global industry.

A Brief History of the Revolution.

Gunship Revolution was founded in 2011 in a literal Philippine garage. It was officially registered in 2015 with associate branches in Serbia, China, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

By the Numbers


Countries with Gunship Revolution Branches.*


Countries with Gunship Revolution Clients.**


Projects We've Completed.


Clients We've Worked With.


Workshops We've Run.


Titles We've Contributed To.


Successful Kickstarters We've Helped Kickstart.

* The Philippines, Serbia, China, the United Kingdom, and Germany

**Japan, Singapore, Poland, Canada, Taiwan, China, Australia, Jordan, Pakistan, U.S., South Korea, Hungary, France, Israel, United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Finland, and Denmark


Gunship Revolution is coordinated by a central hub composed of four Administrative Directors, four Senior Art Directors, and two Junior Art Directors. Gunship Revolution runs simultaneous projects between two operational divisions: Wolfram House and Studio Arbalest.


It has been our privilege to have worked with the following companies.