Entertain, Educate, empower.

Trydent is a think-tank dedicated to challenging and rebuilding the way young Filipino artists are trained to do professional creative work.

We aren’t just here to engage the signature challenges faced by Filipino Creative Professionals in the digital art industry: from poor health and miscommunication to abuse and exploitation. We’re here to engage a culture that perceives that these signature challenges are normal or acceptable or inevitable for anyone to face. Through entertainment, education and empowerment, we intend to shift that culture in a direction we can all be proud of.

Trydent consists of Gunship Revolution's three founding members; why not check out our websites below!


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Freelancing Culture is an environment of common business practices and lifestyle choices adapted for international online creative work: everything from teleconferencing options to developing a home-based work ethic. As outsourcing in the global arts industry continues to expand, this culture is steadily increasing in relevance. Freelancing infrastructure like home offices, online banking and co-working spaces are already providing thousands with attractive alternatives to conventional creative employment.

We at Trydent believe in forming a freelancing culture that is explicitly and organically Filipino, firm in our belief that Filipinos have the potential to dominate in international creative work given the right cultural infrastructure.


All Art, from now until the death of the internet, will be some form of Digital Art. Without barriers or borders, virtually all human sensation can – more or less and in one form or another – be broadcasted to anyone, anywhere, and however many times bandwidth permits. Drawings on an electronic screen can be made to dance on a big-budget Hollywood movie or fight aliens on a mobile game or be 3D printed half a world away as a toy or a prosthetic limb. And far from being tired from this flood of new and novel sights and sounds, we as a species have never been so hungry for more.

We have found ourselves an infinite universe online and made it an easel. There will be no end to the need for digital artists to fill it.

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Creativity and self-destruction: perhaps one of the most iconic pairings among human affairs. Drinking, smoking, over-indulgence, starvation, sedentary living, even mental instability – these are the hallmarks of a creative professional even within the creative profession. We in Trydent, however, believe this is less a law of nature than a holdover from the failed attempt to industrialize creativity. We believe that the lifestyle choices afforded by information-age technology through freelancing grants people more control of their time and habits and that we should build a Freelancing Culture around helping each other live fuller, healthier, and more well-rounded lives.


There is so much in Filipino Talent if we actually dared to account for the full measure of it: the combined context of half a dozen cultures run through our veins multiplied by the dozens more that enter our shores through cultural exchange, popular culture and social remittance. We are some of the most internet savvy people in the world, even given present development! It is in our nature to imagine, and compose, and create and, ultimately, offer. Now the world is at our doorstep.

Granted, it is a very different world from what we were taught and are continually being taught. Technology brings the opportunity to elevate the station of the artist but with it comes similarly heightened demands for professional decorum and business acumen. The ground has shifted beneath our feet and there is richer soil to cultivate from for those willing to learn anew.



Grit Talks by Trydent

GRIT has three tasks: they must entertain, educate and empower. Covering a wide range of freelancing topics from portfolio building to pricing, Grit Talks are meant to lay the foundation for a more vibrant national discussion on the modern world of creative professionals.


A central figure in the ongoing Creative Freelancing movement in the Philippines, Emmanuel Javier has headed studios and major international projects for over a decade. Building a uniquely Filipino freelancing culture is at the center of his advocacy, confident that global competitiveness is possible through self-awareness, professionalism, and a well-managed lifestyle.


Writer and Designer Marthy Angue has led a storied career: from ghost writing in Academia to international award-winning campaigns in Advertising to a solo Foreign Affairs romp across Continental Europe. Marthy Angue brings a broader, multidisciplinary view of creativity and the arts to the table.


A pioneer of creative freelancing with nearly 15 years of experience fielding international projects online, Harvey Bunda has gone so far as to head a studio in Novi Sad, Serbia. Despite being one of the nation's most prolific digital painters, Harvey is himself a staunch believer in a classical arts foundation. He is a student of the Renaissance masters, a traditional artist in his own right, and a cello soloist.

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Creation Live

Creation Live is the educational wing of Gunship Revolution as well as one of its avenues for meeting new talent. Creation Live runs lectures and workshops alongside schools, corporate partners, and cultural events organizers.


Project Ark

Project Ark was a series of casual meetups we conducted in 2015 that focused on portfolio reviews and one-one-one mentoring. Project Ark was 100% Free.

Last Draw

Last Draw 2015 was a nationwide art contest we ran in tandem with Komikon Philippines. The theme "Trial by Combat" challenged young artists to portray the complex relationship between justice and conflict and winners received cash prizes as well as games from our international clients.