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Gunship Revolution’s dedication to quality art direction and skills development extends to the local community through our Creation Live! Workshops. These workshops have been a part of the Gunship Revolution brand since its inception in 2011 and continues to play a central role in the company’s search for and development of new talent. 



The Creation Live! Workshops are available for invitation by educational, professional or cultural institutions. Gunship Revolution has prepared highly-customisable modules on a variety of topics that can suit an institution’s specific needs and preferences:

+ Comic/Manga Creation

+ Digital Painting

+ Professional Freelancing

+ Illustration

+ 3D

We also provide intensive one-or-one consultancy through our Project Ark program.

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Check out Project Ark on Facebook!


The Story so Far

As 2012 saw the painful, battle-scarred rise of Gunship Revolution, so too did it see the equally eventful first slew of Creation Live! workshops (let no one say we're not masochists at heart). Of course, most of us at GR had done a stint of art workshops before but we wanted to do something new and interesting for the local art community that was also distinctly Gunship Revolution. Having had the opportunity to hold them at Fully Booked, perhaps the country's hottest book retailer right now, was definitely a good start.

We covered a lot of ground on the first runs - manga, digital painting, concept design, creature creation, even sharing our own trade secrets as professional freelancers. Most of these were one-shot, one-afternoon affairs. It was somewhere along the way when we started thinking about doing something even bigger and more comprehensive. We believe in enriching the local art industry (that's where we get our artists after all) and we thought we could engineer a workshop to do just that: enrich the local industry by teaching art in the context of the industry. That's why we came up with "the Forge" in October, a five-workshop series we conducted with the premier Makati art school iAcademy, that comprised the meat of being a freelance artist here in the Philippines. The deal with our host: we get the teaching space free on Saturdays and we teach the school's students free on Mondays.

Our last workshop, Kriss Sison's Chroma Digital Manga Coloring Workshop, had been our biggest one yet in terms of sponsorship and patronage. The 60-seat U-View Auditorium at Fully Booked - Bonifacio High Street was fully-booked a month in advance.

If the feedback was anything to go by, we'd like to believe we've made an impact in developing the skills of the artists we've had the pleasure of teaching. However, teaching is always a two way street and the workshops we ran last year taught us so much about the techniques that are most in demand to be taught, the questions most often asked and the methods that engage our students the best. As such, the new wave of workshops we developed in response to those discoveries excite us. Hopefully, you'll be joining us for all of that.