What are you looking for in an artist?

We’re looking for artists willing to put in the effort, creativity, integrity and openness to communicate that goes into producing professional-quality material and running international-level projects.

What are you not looking for in an artist?

Stylistic inflexibility, an unwilling to receive art direction, and general unprofessionalism.

What are the benefits of being part of Gunship Revolution?

Gunship Revolution provides centralized project coordination, representation, promotion, mentorship and workshops, and a commitment to helping artists flourish according to their drive and career goals.

How does the admissions process work?

Our admissions process involves a Summary Evaluation, an Examination and an Interview. The Summary Evaluation begins with a review of the following materials, to be sent to gunshiprevolution@gmail.com

+ Your Portfolio

+ Your Curriculum Vitae

+ An Introductory Letter

Applicants who pass the Summary Evaluation will receive an email reply with details for the Examination which consists of a simulation of real-life project conditions. Applicants who pass the Examination will be invited for an interview.