From a Gunship Revolution Application Test.

From a Gunship Revolution Application Test.

How to Join the Revolution.

You may tend an application with Gunship Revolution through Please include an Introductory Letter, a Curriculum Vitae, and a Portfolio of your best work. Applications with incomplete requirements in their application emails will not be tended for the Summary Evaluation. Approved applications will then go through a Project Simulation and, finally, an Interview. Applicants outside Metro Manila may opt for an online interview. Gunship Revolution does not forward rejection emails for applicants who do not pass the Summary Evaluation.


For more information about applying to Gunship Revolution, check out this post.

Why Join the Revolution?

Gunship Revolution provides centralized project coordination,representation, promotion, mentorship, and a commitment to helping artists flourish according to their drive and career goals.

The Revolution cleans up well for photo day.

The Revolution cleans up well for photo day.


As a precaution, we do not download attachments from an empty email. You may include your cover letter on a short introductory letter on the email itself.

Similarly, we only accept direct emails to or messages through this website. While you may submit a link to an online portfolio, we will not honor any application tended primarily through a third party website or app, or one that requires us to register in order to view sample works.

Gunship Revolution Internships


Can I apply for the Internships if I'm already out of school?

Yes. Yes you may.

Will this be a paid internship?

Only if/when we let you engage in Gunship Revolution's paid projects. The instructional course proper will not be for paid projects and will non-paying.

How are applicants selected from the program?

Applicants who submit their CV's and folios and pass the initial screening will be given an art test. Those who pass the art test will be given an interview.

Are home-based internships accepted for course credit?

Different colleges and universities will have different rulings on this matter and it may be best to ask your college prior to applying.