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From a Gunship Revolution Cover Letter

From a Gunship Revolution Cover Letter

station one: Apply

Apply: Send your portfolio, resume, and cover letter to

WARNING: We will not entertain emails that do not include at least a short introduction on the email.

There, there. You failed.

There, there. You failed.

Station Two Application Review.

We review applications once a week. If you don’t receive a response from us within a week, you didn’t make it out of Station 1.

Station three: Art Test

We’ll send over an art test with a 5-day deadline (Take note of this if you have other obligations during the day. Test clock automatically starts once sent).

Station FOUR: Art direction

We’ll send over revision notes to check how the applicant handles art direction. Applicant has 3 days to complete the revisions.

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Station five: final review

We’ll review the revised piece to check if you followed the art direction carefully.

Station six: Interview

We’ll send over a written interview then schedule an in-person interview after the written interview is sent in. The deadline for the written interview is 3 days after it is sent in


Stage 7.JPG

Station seven: portfolio development

Portfolio Development: We will co-develop 5-6 art pieces with the applicant as official Gunship Revolution samples.

Station eight: probation period

Probation Period: 5-10 project probation period to check applicants work performance (mainly professionalism, communication style, production quality, and production speed).

Stage 8.jpg

Stage 9.jpg

Station nine: full employment

Congratulations and welcome to Gunship Revolution!