On the New Year


It has been a challenging year and for many of us in Gunship Revolution, we didn't even need to bring up the headlines. Some might say that the clock striking twelve on December the 31st counts for little in the face of great big issues and certainly, there are a precious few problems solved by changing wall calendars. That being said, there is a kind of power in these demarcations of time insofar as we celebrate them - one year runs an entire gamut of seasons after all, not only in terms of climate but also in terms of holidays, sporting events, television shows, and so forth - and it is in bringing in the New Year that our linear experience of the progression of time becomes cyclical: an invitation to temper the unknown with the familiar.

It was barely past New Year's Day some five years ago when Gunship Revolution officially came together. While Gunship Revolution became Gunship Revolution (by way of having come up with the name) on November first, GR President Emmanuel Javier didn't join Harvey Bunda and I at GR's first headquarters (namely, Harvey's garage) until the year after. In many ways, we laid out GR's founding principles like a set of eleborate New Year's Resolutions: work together, workout more, eat well, sleep the right amount of hours, balance everything together into a sustainable long-term strategy. Of course, like many New Years Resolutions, compliance was less than a hundred percent between the three of us and much less something that we were able to establish on a wider scale. The GR of New Year's 2012 in virtually every respect can scarcely be recognized from the GR of New Year's 2017. The core remains - though we've changed as people - and we face a world a vastly unfamiliar world with unfamiliar rules.

Then again, when we faced 2012 with our families, it hadn't been much different. Many of us had resigned from our jobs. None of us had any idea if any of our plans would work - and indeed a lot of them didn't. Five years later, we begin the cycle anew, facing uncertainty together as fire and smoke light up the night sky. Tomorrow, the work begins anew and life will continue in earnest. And when it comes, Gunship Revolution greets it the same way it greeted the first.

Whatever may come, we'll face it together.

Happy 2017, everyone.